The Marleh Lehmann Scholarship Foundation

Marleh has positively impacted the lives of a substantial amount of people and continues to do so. With her inclusivity, thoughtfulness, and “no worries” mantra, she is what holds so many friendships together. She is an inspiration that shows life is too short to have any worries because the moment you are in right now, is the only one you know you have for sure, so make it count. Who Marleh is and her story is what encouraged Marleh’s closest friends and family to create the Marleh Lehmann Scholarship Foundation. This foundation in honor of Marleh will award scholarships to college-bound high school students based on how they embody the characteristics and qualities that Marleh possesses. Additionally, consideration will be given to students who have displayed a positive impact in their communities and are financially in need. Along with the profits of the No Worries None clothing line, money has and will be raised through golf outings, euchre tournaments, kindly made donations, and various other events.  Not only will the Marleh Lehmann Scholarship Foundation give students and families some financial relief of attending higher education, it will keep Marleh’s memory alive for many years to come.

We are so excited about how successful this foundation has become. This money will be going to a variety of scholarships. Some of the money will be donated to WCTC to allow financially in need students to pursue a technical college education. We also have 2 $1,000 scholarships for graduating students at Arrowhead High School. Lastly, a majority of the money will be going to scholarships with All In Milwaukee. We are partnering with All in Milwaukee to give multiple $5,000 a year scholarships to students going to college. This means they will receive a total of $20,000 through their four years. Recipients who attend UW, UWM, or Whitewater will also have that $5,000 per year matched by the university. 39% of All in Milwaukee students graduate with no debt, and those who do have less than half of the state average. The students receiving the scholarships are mostly first generation, low income, students of color.They are assigned to a professional advisor who helps them navigate the complexities of college including financial aid, course planning, living situations, and more, including academic and career counseling as well as health and wellness support.

Thank you again to everyone who has supported the scholarship foundation.